About Brit

Hi, I'm Brit. I have been doing portrait photography for over 5 years and could not be happier with how far I have come. I began shooting when I was in high school and did half days my senior year to go to a local community college and get my photography certificate. I am now in the process of obtaining a degree in journalism and advertising from UW-Milwaukee.

Throughout the years I have found photography to be so much more than just taking a photo. It is making art out of a person and their surroundings. It is capturing a moment in time to be looked back on forever. I had always wished that I had some sort of talent but now I know that I only needed to discover it. I am so grateful to have found this art form and to be able to meet all of the wonderful people that I do as a professional photographer.

Below are some of my self-portraits. I do these as an expression of myself and an opportunity to improve my skills in photography. 

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